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Femi-Cure Vaginal Rejuvenation

femi-cure vaginal rejuvenation

For a non invasive solution to gynaecological issues.

We use radio frequency and micro-current for safe and effective vaginal and labial tightening. This treatment known as designer vagina offers a solution to many of the gynaecological problems associated with childbirth, menopause and ageing such as incontinence, prolapse and vaginal dryness.

By safely and effectively rebuilding the collagen it can tighten and rejuvenate your vaginal tissue.

Straighten your pelvic floor and naturally improve vaginal dryness, enhancing intimacy. Reduces pelvic inflammation and pain, reduces the size of outer labia.

It is natural, hormone free, injection free, non invasive, pain free and no downtime.

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These testimonials are based on each individual experience. Everybody is different, and therefore please note that individual results can vary and there is no guarantee that every person will receive the same results.

  • I experienced a decrease in leakage when running, thank you.
    Trisha, Truro

  • I can enjoy sex again
    Liz, Tavistock

  • I love how it made me feel
    Kaz, Torquay

  • After having 3 children Femi-Cure has helped me feel confident again
    Dawn, Kingsbridge

  • I was so embarrassed to talk about my menopausal issues but everyone was so kind and helpful
    Sue, Plymouth

faqfrequently asked questions

Yes, radio frequency treatments have been around for many years. The heat that is delivered by the Femi-Cure penetrates to the deeper layers of the tissue.
Femi-Cure works by delivering heat and radio frequency that encourages and stimulates the growth of new collagen in the tissue, this helps to tighten the labia and vaginal tissue.
Femi-Cure treatments cannot be compared to surgical vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty. It is non invasisive, there is no cutting or injections.
Absolutely not. Is is safe, effective and pain free.
It is important to us that you feel safe and comfortable talking to us and discussing your problems and issues.
We see many people will lots of different stories to tell and it is all confidential.
100% of people experience a benefit of some kind.
The treatment take 20 to 30 minutes
No preparation needed, no anaesthetic (general or local) and treats both labia and vagina in under 30 minutes (can choose to treat labia and/or vagina)
Sex can be resumed aster 3 days.
There is the possibility of light spotting, temporary pink/red skin, mild cramping for 24hrs.
The temperature control can be set for each clients and individualised for patient comfort.
The Femi-Cure treatments feel like a warm stone massage.

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Mother has a non-surgical 'designer vagina' treatment after becoming worried about the effects of ageing

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