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Fat Freezing treatment
Fat Freezing Monitor
fat freezing, cryolipolysis, cool body sculpting treatment

fat freezing

For stubborn areas of fat, that you can’t get rid of even with exercise and diet.

Fat freezing, sometimes known as cool body sculpting, ice lipo or cryolipolysis will remove unwanted fat effortlessly without surgery or downtime, you can look good from every angle.

Cryolipolysis “fat freezing” was developed by a Harvard scientist and has been clinically proven procedure to freeze fat cells without damage to other cells. It is a non-surgical procedure designed to target and permanently remove stubborn fat cells.

The areas that can be treated are tummy, love handles, saddle bags, bingo wings, bra straps, inner thigh, inner knee, above knee and chin.

What is the treatment?

A suction pad is applied to the area and cooled, there is an initial tight feeling which goes within seconds and most people can go to sleep or work for the 40 minute treatment. The fat cells die due to the freezing and are then naturally and permanently eliminated from the body over a 3 month period.

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faqfrequently asked questions

Any stubborn areas of fat.
If you have a larger amount of fat to lose another type of treatment might be needed first, such as cavitation, which will ensure that you lose a larger amount of fat.
Usually one treatment is all you need. Although some people may have two.
Results start around 2 weeks and continue for 3 months.
With this kind of non-invasive method, there’s no need for anaesthesia or pain killers, with no recovery time. The process is comfortable for the majority of clients who can read, work on their laptop, listen to music or just relax throughout the procedure.
There is little to no downtime and no need to book days off work. Sometimes there is bruising and swelling of the area but this subsides quickly. If there is pain afterwards it is usually relieved by taking Paracetamol but very rarely prescription medication may be required.
The fat freezing is permanent, but this is the perfect opportunity to change your lifestyle and eating habits so the weight does not creep back on. We have great healthy eating plans and natural supplements to help you, with lots of support.
This depends on how many cryo cups you have and the areas being treated. We can treat up to 4 areas at once. But some areas cannot be treated at the same time for example inner thighs often need to be done one at a time.
The treatment lasts for 1 hour but depending on the areas treated it can be between 1 and 3 hours. We can give you a good idea of the time when you call or when we see you at your initial consultation.

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costs how much does it cost?

Prices are based on how many cryo cups are required to treat your desired area(s). For example, one cup may be enough to reduce the fat on the lower abdomen, but at least two cups will be required for the love handles.

The amount of cups required will depend on the size of the body area and the areas you wish to have treated.
We will look at this during the free initial consultation.

For the ultimate inch loss results a combination of treatments is often the most effective. Combination packages are available. Be sure to ask during your free initial consultation.

cryo cup
£200/ £50 deposit
One Cryo Cup will cover lower abdomen or upper abdomen.

cryo cups
£350/ £100 deposit
Two Cryo Cups will cover upper and lower abdomen; love handles; male chests; bra rolls; inner thighs.
cryo cups
£475/ £150 deposit
Three Cryo Cups will cover lower abdomen; love handles; both arms and upper abdomen.
cryo cups
£560/ £150 deposit
Four Cryo Cups will cover say lower abdomen and love handles or inner and outer thighs.