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Plasma Pen treatment
Plasma Pen treatment for women
Plasma Pen treatment for men

plasma pen

Plasma pen is a revolutionary treatment and gentle alternative to surgery that literally shrinks excess skin.
The best results you can get without going under the knife.

It significantly tightens and lifts skin tissue making it the go to option for the face and body. Perfect for sagging eyelids, eye bags, crow’s feet, lined cheeks, smoothing and tightening wrinkly tummies, bingo wings and sagging knees. It is a great treatment for skin tags.

Our Plasma Pen combines plasma and NF+ technology. The treatment causes a ‘micro trauma’ to the surface skin tissue through a process called sublimation, the skin instantly shrinks and contracts, giving immediate lift and tightening. New collagen is created a process called neocollagenesis that helps to release and activate essential proteins and growth factors like cytokines and fibroblasts, which encourages more collagen to be made.

The treatment is low pain and gentle, it dramatically tightens, lifts, resurfaces, rejuvenates and regenerates any area of the skin.

For the lower face, neck and body more than one treatment is usually needed.

New collagen continues to be formed over a period of 12 weeks following treatment. The results can last 1 to 3 years.

There is minimal vanity downtime and sunscreen must be worn for 3 months.

A patch test is needed before treatment.

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faqfrequently asked questions

The effects of the Plasma Pen last around 3 years, although results may be permanent. Interested?
There is no lying. There is some discomfort with this treatment. We use a numbing cream to minimise discomfort. If you are having quite a few areas treated you can elect to have treatment over a few days.
The removal of a skin tag will take a second or two but a tummy or full face lift may take 1 hour.
The aftercare is simple. We will give you an aftercare pack. The most important thing to remember is to use your 50 SPF for 3 months after treatment. This protects the fresh new baby skin.
We always carry out a patch test to find out if you respond well to treatment. Darker skins are more likely to suffer with hyperpigmentation so we need to take extra care.
We always carry out a patch test to find out if you respond well to treatment. That said some medication and changes in hormones can affect the pigmentation of the skin. A consultation is important to determine if this is a suitable treatment for you.
This treatment is often used for more mature skins, when more subtle treatments are not going to give the result required.
Yes, this treatment is ideal for a single area. For some people have a tricky area, say under eyes, neck or upper lip lines, the rest of their face is fine but this area bothers them, so they can have this treatment on a single area.
Yes, definitely. A combination of treatments is often what is needed to give a client the best result possible.
Many of the facial treatments that we have in our clinic have a healing effect on the skin and we often advise a course of healing treatments to speed up healing after plasma pen.
This may not be the best treatment for you. We will find out if you can tolerate this treatment when you have your patch test. We have other effective treatments if Plasma Pen is not for you.

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