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As a mother and daughter we have experienced the challenges facing woman from different ages and we understand the complex feelings around weight loss and ageing. We were so inspired when we came across these effortless and simple treatments that are a non -surgical solutions that we wanted to be able to bring them to you.

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Jo and Betsy Crocker
Jo Crocker, Founder of Natural Body Sculpt

jo crocker founder

teamjo crocker

I know how challenging it is to lose weight. During the menopause I started to put on a few pounds, then a few more over a 2 year period a few more, until I weighed my heaviest. Then at New Year I went to put on my party dress and it wasn’t just a bit tight, I couldn’t get it on.
This was a pivotal moment for me and I started to exercise and replace 1 or 2 meals a day with a healthy nutritious shake. After 7 months I was back to a weight that I was comfortable with. But I had some pockets of fat that exercising and diet were not shifting. A friend told me about fat freezing.

So I gave it a go, it was brilliant after a month I could see the difference on my stomach and I am now enjoying a flatter stomach!

I guess I am like many women in that I am not really up for surgery or more invasive procedures but I am into helping myself to look younger naturally by taking responsibility for what I eat, making changes to my lifestyle and optimizing the natural processes in my body like boosting the collagen in my skin.

I have worked in the health industry for 15 years as a homeopath. Part of the work I have been doing is to help people to lose weight and to start to make healthy changes in their life.

I had 2 cryolipolysis treatments on my hips and I am really delighted with the results. I can now wear my low rise jeans and a t-shirt without having to worry about a "muffin top" ! Jo and Betsy are friendly and professional and I felt totally at ease.


If you would like to give us a call or book a free initial consultation to see if we can help you to create your ideal body, a body you feel comfortable with, give us a call on 07834 782644

Betsy Crocker, Founder of Natural Body Sculpt

betsy crocker founder

teambetsy crocker

In my teenage years I used to eat what I like to call 'the beige diet' which resulted in me putting on weight, especially on my thighs and tummy. Due to a lack of nutrition I was tired all the time, I had a constant cold, I didn't exercise and life was mostly not enjoyable.

My mum introduced me to a nutritional product that is basically fruits and vegetables. I started to have more energy, my eczema cleared up and I naturally lost weight as the foods I started to like were more healthy and nutritious.
These days, I eat a great diet, have a great level of energy however I had stubborn fat around my thighs that just wouldn't budge. I came across cryoliposis, one month later I could see a noticeable difference.

At first I thought it was a surgical procedure that would hurt, I couldn't have been more wrong. It was completely painless, so comfortable I even sat on my phone during the treatment.

Confidence has to come from within, and being able to love my body more has made my confidence grow so much. If you struggle to lose stubborn fat like me, you're not alone. This treatment has helped me change my body, the way I want it.

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Jo Before and after treatment
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