15 october
Couple resting after run
Jo Crocker

by Jo Crocker

Are you struggling to lose weight even though you go to the gym?

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Did you know that too much exercise could be counter-productive to losing weight? Yes if you are doing too much exercise or not the right kind of exercise. What! I hear you say, “Am I doing it all wrong”.

So let’s start with too much exercise.
Well exercise produces those nasties in the body called free radicals, if unchecked these can start to cause damage within the body. So eating a diet high in antioxidants will help to neutralize the free radicals. Where do you find antioxidants, in good old fashioned fruits and veggies. Your body needs lots of good nutrition to feel able to let go of the fat, so if it is using all its energy to repair the damage done by exercise, you are not going to lose weight.

Now for the right kind of exercise.
The best kind of exercise to burn up calories and fat is cardio. And short bursts of exercise like Tabata, a session lasts around 20 minutes. But although it’s great to exercise every day you should only be doing 3 cardio sessions a week, the other days could be walking, moderate cycling, yoga, pilates or swimming. This way your body has time to recover.

Couple rest after a jog

Not having the right foods after exercise is often a problem. People often say to me “I do a work out and I’m really hungry on the way home, so I have a packet of crisps or a burger”. So being organized and having a healthy snack or a nutritious shake ready for after a gym session is super important.

Of course you are never going to lose weight if you are putting in more calories than you use up. So what you eat and portion size are really important.

It is amazing how many calories you can survive on as I found out at a recent visit to The Body Camp in Ibiza where we were on 1,200 calories a day, mind you the food was incredibly nutritious with loads of fresh juices, seeds and no sugar.

Sugar is a big no no for me as it gives loads of calories but no nutrition to the body.

Everyone is agreed that 80% of weight loss is what you eat, so eating clean is a big part of the answer to losing weight.

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13 october
Happy couple on thier wedding day
Jo Crocker

by Jo Crocker

The big day countdown

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It’s your special day and you want everything to go smoothly. You can’t control the weather on the day but you can control how you look on the day.

Most brides want to look beautiful on their wedding day and so does the mother of the bride. Many brides are slimming down to fit into their dress, they want to look glowing and healthy on the day.

We have everything you need to look good on your special day. A diet plan that will help you look slim and radiant on the day and cool body sculpting to give your slimming a boost.

Mother and daughter on wedding day

For mother of the bride we have non-surgical face lifts to get rid of those under eye bags, jowls and reduce wrinkles so you are looking youthful on the day. Also cavitation is an easy way to lose as much 1 to 2cm of fat quickly, in one treatment.

We can do special wedding packages for mother and daughter, you can book your free initial consultation

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Jo Crocker RSHom Dip Hom

founder of natural body sculpt.
Jo has worked in the health industry for 15 years as a homeopath helping people to lose weight and to start to make healthy changes in their lives.

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